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Recycling your Stendig Calendar

As has become quite popular, we're big fans of the Stendig Calendar. Its classic and simple design is right up our alley and we see it as a functional art piece, which makes it all the better. However, it's hard to just throw away those big beautiful pages month after month and so besides it being a desirable photo backdrop, we've come up with a few ideas of how to recycle this piece of art, as well, collected a favorite idea from the web.
1- Wrapping paper. This isn't a new idea, we've seen it dozens of times before but it is definitely worthy of the need and just looks cool don't you think?
2- Framed art. Here on our wall, the individual numbers represent the birthdays of our daughters as well as our wedding date.
4- Gift tags.
5- Table covering. We recently used ours as a solution to an odd shaped kitchen island that needed covering for food for a party. It added a cool artsy element and was perfect for a mans party. Not to mention, easy clean up!

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